SlimCUrev2The latest new release by Slim titled “‘Til The Wheels Fall Off” is out now! A single inspired by legendary musician, Wilko Johnson, the original guitar player of the band Dr. Feelgood, who upon hearing he had terminal pancreatic cancer and only had a few months to live, felt more alive than he ever had. Despite his diagnosis, he continued to perform until a doctor was unexpectedly able to cure him by removing a football sized tumour. “Man, there’s nothing like being told you’re dying to make you feel alive”, says Wilko.
You find the single on ITunes: CLICK HERE It reached #4 on the Blues charts for ITunes on Friday Sept. 11! Help it get to #1 purchasing your download today!

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"I'm sat listening to your cd after having a real moment listening to you in lavish. Tonight you blew me away. Thank you." Your newest fan, Darren

"Slim will suck you in and enrapture you every time you hear him play his unique blend of blues, rock and country music. His gutsy blues slide numbers will blow your mind as will his nostalgic up beat R and B and Country renditions. Slim calls it Texakana I call it fingerpicking good! This one man band is a must see whether your preference is to watch, dance or listen to this master of his craft. Slim was born in Texas and made for the UK. Miss him at your peril!" - Steve G
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