SLIM back from the USA

JRandmike-sunstudiospic-rev2Slim is back from a great month touring the USA. He played at Evangeline’s in St Louis, MO, Scottie’s Grill, Texarkana, TX, Fully Stacked, Shreveport, LA, Huey’s Midtown Blues, Brews & Burgers, Memphis, TN and the Pourhouse in Nashville, TN. All venues were well received and welcomed him back. In Memphis he received a particulary good response from the locals and even got kuddos from an old band mate of Elvis! A lot of miles on open roads through cotton fields, Mexican food, a wedding (his son, Stephen & Amber), and good old Southern hospitality. I went with Slim to his old stompin’ ground in Texas, met up with old friends, and generally had a blast! Jayne

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