Born in Houston, Texas with roots in Nashville & the South and just a hint of Cherokee, Slim was brought up during the classic 60’s era on Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, ZZ Top, JJ Cale and the like, with classic blues legends like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, R L Burnside & Mississippi Fred McDowell also not too far from his doorstep, it is easy to see where his influences lie! Slim’s tunes are often reflective of his tumultuous past growing up in Texas, his personal demons being hinted through lyrics of regret and reform, all to a toe tapping, rhythmically contagious beat.

As a multi-instrumentalist, his unique rhythmic, finger-picking style is highlighted by various guitars & stringed instruments, slide, harmonica, an old suitcase with foot pedal drum & foot tambourine.

An  accomplished musician, this Texas Troubadour has decades under his belt, having toured the States with various bands and owned recording studios in Austin, Houston & Wichita. He has worked with artists such as Slash of Guns’n’Roses and members of the Brian Setzer Orchestra (formerly Stray Cats). More recently as a solo performer he received accolades from Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood), and an original band member of Elvis whilst playing in Memphis.

“That’s what I like” says Wilko Johnson original member of British pub rock blues band, Dr Feelgood!

This Texan defies boundaries. He found from an early age he had a natural ability for being a tunesmith. More recently he has found himself settling comfortably into the singer/songwriter genre which affords him the opportunity to return to his authentic Americana roots incorporating a blend of country blues, roots rock & outlaw country. Like a perfectly aged wine, this is a new Semora at his finest. He is currently working on his third solo album.

Melodic, finger picking tunes with gutsy, toe tapping rhythm and raspy vocals. Add harmonica, slide, foot tambourine & old suitcase with kick pedal drum and SUITCASE SLIM the “One Man Texas Band” is born.

A fan recently was quoted as saying: “Like a band, but just one man!”.

Semora has walked the walk and talked the talk. Life’s tribulations have naturally provided the perfect platform to showcase the essence of this musician’s soul which is felt every time he performs.


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"I'm sat listening to your cd after having a real moment listening to you in lavish. Tonight you blew me away. Thank you." Your newest fan, Darren

"Slim will suck you in and enrapture you every time you hear him play his unique blend of blues, rock and country music. His gutsy blues slide numbers will blow your mind as will his nostalgic up beat R and B and Country renditions. Slim calls it Texakana I call it fingerpicking good! This one man band is a must see whether your preference is to watch, dance or listen to this master of his craft. Slim was born in Texas and made for the UK. Miss him at your peril!" - Steve G
Member of the Americana Music Association